Friday, March 8, 2013

circle garland in progress

 I've been inspired by Little Minx to make a circle garland from old picture books.

 I have quite a few tatty books that I use for crafty projects.  Mostly picked up from school fairs and op shops.  I buy old Tintin books from the library too and use them as gift wrap.

 The boys and I used the circle punch to cut out a whole heap of Noddy pictures tonight.

I'll sew them up to look a bit like this.  This one has been hanging in the dining area since the Christmas decorations came down.  I like the idea of doing a really colourful one as the space is pretty neutral colour wise.  I think Noddy will go in the 7 year old's room.

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  1. Dianne10:46 AM

    Poor old Noddy being made into circles, actually think it's really cute


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