Sunday, March 10, 2013

turning it around

Last week started out kinda cranky.  Not that I mentioned it here of course.  Generally I just take photos of happy, yummy things.  I was feeling a bit shut in (literally with the kitten not allowed out yet), lonely and weird about not working.  Perhaps a bit hormonal too.  Okay yes quite hormonal.  I realised that what I really needed was some time hanging out with other women/mums/friends.  When the boys were small we had lots of social engagements each week, mainly music, play group, toy library, YMCA.  When I was working last year I had lots to do and people to chat to.  This year I've realised that if I'm not in paid work, then I need to make an effort so that I don't become a recluse. It would be quite easy to spend far too much time online or playing video games (!) and alone.

So Simone and I met up for coffee on Wednesday and then she came over to do some sewing on my machine.  The idea was for me to do the sewing but I made her do it!  Mwahahaha (that's my evil laugh).  I vividly recall being terrified of sewing and NanaRobyn gently forcing me to give it a go.  Now I love to sew and I'm so pleased that she did.  Simone got the hang of it really quickly.  Perhaps one day you'll get a machine of your own Simoney?  It was so nice to hang out and chat and (watch her) sew and I got to do it again on Friday with Pippa!

Pippa is a lovely friend that I met through blogging at the end of 2011. She brought her (two) machines and whipped up a dress for herself (so impressive) while I spent ages making a recorder case for #2.  Pippa encouraged me to try sewing a button hole as it was definitely out of my comfort zone.  I thought that I might use Velcro instead but I'm pleased that I gave it a try.  My first ever buttonhole, so proud. 

Having friends over is also a great excuse to do baking!  I made the super quick brownie (recipe from Simone), and then the peanut butter chocolate cookies (at the top) from Alison Holst's Very Easy Vegetarian cookbook.  So delicious (recipe here on someone else's blog).


  1. Ha, now I'm your invisible friend! It looks like you turned me into a plate of cookies :) Well done on the buttonhole prowess. ;)

  2. You are a cookie! I didn't know if you wanted me to post a headless photo of you on my blog!?

  3. Lovely!! p.s. I still am yet to face my button hole fear.

  4. Hehehe, you're pure EVIL!!
    Nah really, THANKYOU for helping me get past my fear of sewing. now I want a machine of my own.
    I think?

    GLAD you loved the brownie. it's so easy and so yummy aye??

    P.S. You know where I live. I can hang out anytime. Maybe sometime you could bring your machine here and I could do my design stuff and you could sew and we could both be busy without being recluses?

  5. nanarobyn11:25 PM

    Great stuff, paying it forward, good on you, obviously a great pupil and now teacher. Sharing knowledge, ability, companionship and time is rewarding.
    Big hugs XOXOXOXO


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