Monday, April 29, 2013

holiday boot camp at Motat

Motat always has something to entertain the troops in the school holidays.  This time it's Soldier Soldier.  We  bought a family pass for the year (only $65!) and make an effort to go each school holidays. There is also a very cool Halloween event, Christmas village and Steampunk day (coming up on May 26th).  The boys were put through their paces at a boot camp obstacle course which involved doing some silly things too, like singing songs and making funny noises for the strict soldier in charge.

 The regular Motat stuff is all there too and the Imagination Factory exhibit is still going strong.  Lots of inventions and machines to have a go with.  There is a pitch black tactile dome for the older kids.  Our two gave it a go but came out upset as it was too dark.  I saw several other teary kiddies come out too.  Maybe we'll give it another couple of years.

The boys always like to lock each other up in the stocks by the Victorian village.

The other awesome thing for the holidays was the armoury.  There are lots of different types of weapons and armour to try on and have a hold of.  Even I thought that was pretty cool, especially these Gothic gauntlets... fancy!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

party people

We went to Simone's carnival party yesterday.  It was intense!  Loud, colourful and crowded with happy kiddies.  The rain poured down but we were safe and dry undercover at the local kindy.  I was official photographer so thought I'd share a few pix here.  She will have the full story on her blog sometime soon.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

today in (many) pictures

Emptying the dishwasher.  It's cold and wet out.  Porridge ready in the slow cooker on the bench.

"Look what I found mum. When can we go to another rugby game?"

 Off to school solo today.

 Big brother is home recovering from yesterday's fever.  
I didn't bother to photograph myself doing the vacuuming or other domestic chores.

Getting crafty.

 Simone and I do some party prep for the weekend.

His (cow) and hers (almond) milk for morning hot chocolates.

Enjoying memories of the toddler years.

12 o'clock

Sorting through a dusty box of old photographs.

We discovered an old kids questionnaire, so he wanted to do an update.

He plays Angry Birds Star Wars with his oldest friend (Kylie the giraffe).

Cutting out fabric for a couple of special birthday crowns.

Why oh why won't my machine zigzag today?

Little brother is home! Wet and barefoot but happy.

Talking to cousin Maddy on the phone.

We make green smoothies.

Popcorn and pears for afternoon tea.


Watching some tv while I try to figure out my sewing machine.  NanaR helped via the phone. Turned out that my practice fabric was not thick enough.  It worked okay on the felt.

I have a couple more too that I may add here later on.

Friday, April 12, 2013

life is sweet...

...even if your baking doesn't really work out how you planned.

Oh I had all sorts of plans for these biscuit cutters.

But after the mixing, the refrigerating and the rolling (which took FOREVER!!)...  

the cutting was really quite tricky.  Sometimes the letters slipped out of place and then this happened...

 and kept happening.  It took me an hour or so to make four biscuits!!  Arghhh!

The second half of the dough refused to be rolled out at all and so I had to take to it with a spoon.

 It made vaguely acceptable jam biscuits, but really not what I had planned at all.  I made them for a cake stall and they were going to have school slogans on them.  Maybe my recipe was at fault.  I think I'll stick to anzac biscuits in the future, or our amazingly good chocolate chippies, they're so quick and easy.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

harry potter dilemma

Have you let your kids read all of the Harry Potter books or watch the movies yet?  Our 8 year old, in the specs, has read books 1-4 (twice at least).  According to him we're being big meanies as we won't let him read books 5-8 yet (there have been tears more than once).  His teacher last year said that she didn't think the later books were suitable and we looked online and found pretty much the same info.  There is a good site Common Sense Media where you can look up any books/movies etc and see what age they're appropriate for.  Perhaps we are being meanies, we just love him and want to protect him from things he might not yet be ready for.  It doesn't help that his best buddy has read them all.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I haven't actually shared the original photos on the blog but wanted to show you the cool A2 canvases we had printed of the boys recently.  They look so summery and warm, especially nice as it's getting chilly out.  We took a few photos on a trip to Cornwall park earlier in the year and I loved how they turned out.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

he's back!

Thank goodness the fisherdaddy has returned.
Ahhhhhh... I can breathe properly again.
And we get lots of yummy fish to eat.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


It rained quite a bit last Sunday.  We ate plenty of chocolate and I tried to keep the overtired boys from arguing, they had naps after lunch.

  Afterwards we had some lovely friends come over with their kidlets.  

The Dads took the four kids to the park (in our new seven seater vehicle) and Morag helped me sew a keyboard bag for easy transportation of the keyboard to music lessons.  It is black with rainbow straps.

Amazingly enough I didn't photograph the kids at all.  They played and watched a movie while we enjoyed a wine or two and played Settlers of Catan.  There was dinner and desert somewhere in there too, then the kids got into their pyjamas for a second movie, it was practically a sleepover.

We love board games with friends.

Hobi's new favourite toy is half a plastic egg.

Hours of entertainment.
We also spent the long weekend taking a family bike ride around the waterfront, doing some homeware kind of shopping (my fave) and a fair bit of geocaching.  Since then DaddyB has been off enjoying himself fishing. I'm seriously looking forward to him coming home tomorrow.  Six days is a long while with no contact.