Monday, April 29, 2013

holiday boot camp at Motat

Motat always has something to entertain the troops in the school holidays.  This time it's Soldier Soldier.  We  bought a family pass for the year (only $65!) and make an effort to go each school holidays. There is also a very cool Halloween event, Christmas village and Steampunk day (coming up on May 26th).  The boys were put through their paces at a boot camp obstacle course which involved doing some silly things too, like singing songs and making funny noises for the strict soldier in charge.

 The regular Motat stuff is all there too and the Imagination Factory exhibit is still going strong.  Lots of inventions and machines to have a go with.  There is a pitch black tactile dome for the older kids.  Our two gave it a go but came out upset as it was too dark.  I saw several other teary kiddies come out too.  Maybe we'll give it another couple of years.

The boys always like to lock each other up in the stocks by the Victorian village.

The other awesome thing for the holidays was the armoury.  There are lots of different types of weapons and armour to try on and have a hold of.  Even I thought that was pretty cool, especially these Gothic gauntlets... fancy!


  1. Enchante Chang3:28 PM

    "How tall are you private!"

    "Sir! 5 Foot 9, Sir!"

    (you can finish the quote =P Sorry, couldn't resist!)

  2. Dianne10:30 AM

    When I saw 'boot camp' I thought you were referring to the boys staying at R & I and E & R, ha ha

  3. Holiday boot camp is such a really nice idea for everyone.


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