Friday, April 12, 2013

life is sweet...

...even if your baking doesn't really work out how you planned.

Oh I had all sorts of plans for these biscuit cutters.

But after the mixing, the refrigerating and the rolling (which took FOREVER!!)...  

the cutting was really quite tricky.  Sometimes the letters slipped out of place and then this happened...

 and kept happening.  It took me an hour or so to make four biscuits!!  Arghhh!

The second half of the dough refused to be rolled out at all and so I had to take to it with a spoon.

 It made vaguely acceptable jam biscuits, but really not what I had planned at all.  I made them for a cake stall and they were going to have school slogans on them.  Maybe my recipe was at fault.  I think I'll stick to anzac biscuits in the future, or our amazingly good chocolate chippies, they're so quick and easy.


  1. Oh grrr how annoying!! Cool cutters, but not so cool if it doesn't work? Sometimes it depends on the temperature. I find it harder when the weather is warm and the dough gets soft really quickly. A good trick for that instead is to roll the dough first in between two sheets of baking paper and then refrigerate for 30 mins. Then you can cut out shapes much quicker...just a thought. :)

  2. How cool (when they work).. to make personalised bikkies :)

  3. flip, the ones that worked are pretty special tho!
    see ya tomorrow x


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