Saturday, April 6, 2013


It rained quite a bit last Sunday.  We ate plenty of chocolate and I tried to keep the overtired boys from arguing, they had naps after lunch.

  Afterwards we had some lovely friends come over with their kidlets.  

The Dads took the four kids to the park (in our new seven seater vehicle) and Morag helped me sew a keyboard bag for easy transportation of the keyboard to music lessons.  It is black with rainbow straps.

Amazingly enough I didn't photograph the kids at all.  They played and watched a movie while we enjoyed a wine or two and played Settlers of Catan.  There was dinner and desert somewhere in there too, then the kids got into their pyjamas for a second movie, it was practically a sleepover.

We love board games with friends.

Hobi's new favourite toy is half a plastic egg.

Hours of entertainment.
We also spent the long weekend taking a family bike ride around the waterfront, doing some homeware kind of shopping (my fave) and a fair bit of geocaching.  Since then DaddyB has been off enjoying himself fishing. I'm seriously looking forward to him coming home tomorrow.  Six days is a long while with no contact.


  1. Dianne9:58 AM

    Yes that is a long time when you have children. I did it for years with Colin commuting to Alex and Manapouri most weeks and often only one day. Do put a photo of the new car on, didn't realise you had a new one

  2. We just got introduced to Settlers of Catan this easter whilst we were camping. Such a fun game.

    I need to get a keyboard bag too, how did you make it? I was going to buy one, never thought of trying to make one.

  3. Oh perhaps I will post photos of the bag then. I didn't really get progress shots but it's reasonable straight forward.

  4. hey love... can I borrow that FAB red spotty umbrella for the Carnival Party (along with the clothes rack)???

  5. I LOVE settlers... and wine... :) And your funny cat. Enjoying catching up on your blog!


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