Saturday, May 11, 2013

lazy porridge in the slow cooker

I love porridge but in the morning things can be a bit rushed and I can't be bothered with the measuring and cooking and stirring.  If I cook it in a pot then it sticks, if I do it in the microwave I often overflow it, or forget  it.  On cold weekend mornings it's nice to have warm food in your belly before heading out the door to stand in the rain for sport.  Here is the ultimate in lazy porridge.  No stirring, no microwaving and no morning effort.

Thanks to this Alison Holst cookbook these days our porridge is ready and waiting for us.

It's ridiculously easy.  
1 cup of oats (we use the jumbo ones)
3 - 4 cups of water
a pinch of salt (I usually forget it) 
1/4 cup of extras (seeds, dried fruit, coconut, LSA...).

If you don't want to add "extras" just use more oats.

Put it all into a lidded bowl that can fit into your slow cooker or use a bowl with a plate on top.  It stops the porridge from drying out.  Put about an inch of water into your slow cooker bowl and pop the lidded dish in.  Put the slow cooker lid on, switch it to low and leave overnight.  It doesn't seem to matter what time you do this.  Sometimes it's 8pm, other times it's 11pm and it always works brilliantly.

In the morning we just help ourselves when we're ready and pop the lid back on to keep the rest warm (you can switch it to warm too or just turn it off).  It's deliciously creamy despite the lack of milk.

I eat mine with LSA and almond or soy milk and sometimes berries and banana.  It's even better with warmed up milk but usually it's just cold from the fridge.  How do you eat yours?


  1. I am so glad you posted this! I am definitely a porridge girl and knew that someone has posted this recipe somewhere :)

    I need to buy a dish to use in the crockpot - perfect for the mornings I have to rush to work! Yay -so excited! Yes, excited about porridge.

  2. Dianne1:06 PM

    Colin says he'll give you lessons how he makes it in a bowl that goes in the microwave and afterwards into the dishwasher, he also puts some chopped apricots in with it.

  3. I cook up a big pot once a weekish with some apples, cinnamon, sultanas, LSA and flaked almonds mixed into it, because my husband and I start work early I often just zap that in microwave and eat it at my desk at work, it is good and very low fuss, John even takes it for his dinner at work if he is working in the evenings, we are a true porridge family!! But nothing really beats some hot off the stove with milk and brown sugar, yummy. I ALWAYS over flow mine in the microwave too.

    Here is the recipe I use

  4. I love this recipe! I make it a couple of times each week over winter, it's about time to start making it again! I love just a wee bit of brown sugar and milk with mine :)

  5. Yum, Meg, looks awesome. I totally have to try this.

  6. Aunty Anna9:05 AM

    We got out our slow cooker and made porridge for breakfast. Would never have thought about the bowl inside x

  7. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Honey and cinammon for me. :)

  8. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Yay, looking forward to trying this one. Last night I tried it straight in the slow cooker and probably 1/2 the oats cooked to the side- what waste!

    1. Oh no! It works so well this way. I just popped ours on for the morning.

  9. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Thanks for the pics, made mine with no bowl inside and it dried out too much! Pics are very helpful


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