Monday, June 3, 2013

Queen's Birthday

I love Auckland (coming from Christchurch I didn't expect that I would!).  It is a wonderful city for free family events all year round.  This weekend we headed into the city to celebrate all things British.  There was badminton, lawn bowls (on astro turf amongst topiary bushes), board games (big and regular size), picnic tables, performances on stage (which we were too late to see) and a screening of a family movie each day.  Yesterday, when we went, it was Alice in Wonderland, today Mary Poppins.  There was even a Mad Hatters Tea Party preceding the film.  We spied the very late White Rabbit on his unicycle!

For the kids there was also a Famous Five activity which involved code breaking and hunting for clues.  Once you had the clues then you could search for the missing crown jewels and claim your reward.


After the festivities we headed out west to a big, big Lego show.

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  1. Grandpa8:10 PM

    What a lovely weekend you have had.
    The All British looks great.
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx


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