Tuesday, June 4, 2013

today in many pictures (part 2)

Back in April I took a series of photos from 6am till bed time.  I always intended to go back and finish uploading them but here they are about six weeks later.

The boys and I eating dinner.  It's not even dark out yet!

 DaddyB microwaving his dinner.  I love the weekends when we can all eat together.

 Shower time.  The cat loves the shower.

 Teeth need brushing, although this guy hates it (he has very sensitive gums).

 Bedtime story (read by DaddyB).

 A little reading in bed.



  1. You capture moments so wonderfully.
    I am always in awe.

  2. I love these photos - so lovely x

  3. These are gorgeous photos. I love the candles at dinnertime for no special reason other than just because you can and the quiet moment of your son reading in bed is very cool too.


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