Monday, July 22, 2013


I laughed and laughed when I spied the message #2 had blue tacked to the bathroom/shower wall.
I love his use of the blank tile.  It almost needs framing.


  1. Loving it. So much nicer than the creepy "i'm watching you" we had in the uni hostel

    1. Ewwww that would be creepy!

  2. nanarobyn3:44 PM

    Love it. What score did you give him? Hope you are on the mend. We've got the same bug down here that takes weeks to shift. We need some good old times hard white frosts like we used to get, to kill the bugs.
    Big hugs to all. XOXOXOXO

  3. HI, thanks for making the comment on my blog, it's always so nice to know who's visiting!! I love your blog... and your photo's are great. I love that slice of life stuff and it's made so much more compelling with your cools shots!


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