Wednesday, October 30, 2013

olde hallows eve at Motat

So we don't do trick or treating at Halloween (allergies being one of the main reasons) but we do love to dress up and be spooky.  So when we were given tickets to go along to Motat's Olde Hallows Eve we jumped at the chance.

We assembled a few costumes from things we had in the dress up box and DaddyB fashioned a whip for our junior lion tamer.  I so love this photo with the cat in it, I might have to get a big print of it for the wall!

Taking inspiration from the internet (what did we do before pintrest?) B did an amazing job of our face painting.  We bought some of the good snazaroo stuff this year after B had a nasty skin reaction last year to some of that $2 shop stuff.  Ouch!  He even did his own face this time, amazing huh?

We've been to Motat's Olde Hallows Eve twice before but I think this one was the biggest by far.  There were people everywhere and most of them dressed up which made for a great atmosphere.  It was a creepy carnival atmosphere, food vendors, a merry go round and entertainment on stage.  There were quite a lot of actors and actresses there to entertain and spook people too. Just a wee bit spooky though, nothing like Spookers!  I was glad that we made the effort this time and went all out with our makeup.  

Once it got dark we went and visited the Victorian village which had a spooky school room (with a ghostly girl in the window), a creepy church (didn't go in as the queue was too long), a graveyard and some witchy ladies handing out poisoned lolly pops (which the boys gleefully gobbled up).  There was also a big table set up for a Mad Hatter's tea party.  The Hare and Hatter switched seats and served imaginary tea to anyone who grabbed a seat.  Both of the boys sat and giggled and enjoyed the spectacle.

There was quite a bit that I didn't photograph, there was a spooky clown circus tent (for older kids/adults) and a craft area to make Halloween things.  I think there was face painting somewhere too.  It was pretty massive compared with other years.  We did get our photo taken in their photo booth but unlike other years it wasn't on a green screen (which had been awesome and free!) and was just in front of a black curtain for $5.  Still fun to have for our photo wall though.  We hardly ever take family photos.

After checking out the haunted house and mirror maze (which I slightly freaked out in), our wee circus performers were keen to go in the costume parade.  I put our names down on the list and all four of us got up on stage.  Usually I'd be a little nervous being on stage and having people staring at me but being in full makeup and costume was strangely liberating.  Not that I got up there and sang and danced or anything, but we made it into the final and I won a best costume rosette (and some old fashioned games for the kiddies)!

Despite insisting that they wanted to stay up till midnight, there was much yawning in the line for the parade and we left around 9:30pm.  It was a fun night out.  A little too crowded for me perhaps but a good time.

Monday, October 28, 2013

ambury farm day

In early October Ambury Farm Park has an open day.  Nana and Poppa were in town and so we all headed there for a day out.  This blindfolded hay bale maze was good fun.  At the end the kids got a packet of beans/seeds for making it through alive.

 There were animals to pat, woodchopping to watch and rifles to shoot.

 The target was down a long tube.
 DaddyB and big brother had a go too.
I loved watching the boys try to saw a log together... it was quite a coordination effort.

The funniest thing though was the cow lotto.  I hadn't heard of it before...

Australian Slang
form of lottery in which a cow is placed in a pristine paddock which has been divided into numbered square metres, the winner being decided by where the first cow-pat falls
We all chose a spot and one of the boys was the winner!  He took home a set of Star Trek DVDs.  Unfortunately the prizes were M rated DVDs so not really for the kiddies.  However a good day was had by all.

this is halloween

It's that time of year again... Olde Hallows Eve at MOTAT (nice alternative to trick or treating).
Will post a proper blog about it tomorrow but thought you might like to see our latest family snap!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I thought I was getting my bread baking mojo back after losing our sourdough starter in the fridge disaster at the start of the year.  But now this is happening... all the time.  It goes bubbly and blackened and I noticed that the base was cooking super slowly.  HELP!!!  Maybe my oven is broken.  Maybe it's because I'm only doing it every week or so now.  Just a few months back this is how it looked...

 Do you bake bread?  Any suggestions? 

Monday, October 21, 2013

the amazing dinner - vietnam

So we're following along with the Amazing Race teams and last week they were in Vietnam.  As the teams gathered ingredients (including live chickens) from the markets to make Pho, I thought that it looked like a pretty yummy thing for us to try.  Not the live chickens though.

It's pretty much a broth with noodles, meat, and veges.  DaddyB was chef du jour and he made a beef  pho with snow peas, chili and bean sprouts.  It was delicious.

 You put the noodles in the bowl, top it with the veges and meat, then pour the broth over the top before topping with sprouts, chili and basil (added after the photo).

 It gave the small people a chance to use their funky chopsticks too.

Neither of them liked it much to be honest so we might not be having it again. They did eat it though without much complaining, they really are pretty awesome boys.  
Africa next week... I'll have to google that one! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

the amazing dinner - NZ (again)

I'm a couple of weeks behind in blogging but thought that this kiwi dinner deserved it's moment in the spotlight.  The Amazing Race teams spent two weeks (episodes) in NZ and so we had lamb and pavlova the first week, and fish and chips with the extended whanau, the second week.  It was lovely to have Mum and Dad, Katie and Bridget here to stay and eat greasy food with us.  Next time Vietnamese food... yum! (we did do Mee Goreng and Satay for Indonesia but I seem to have lost the photos, oops).

Monday, October 14, 2013

aunties i'm loving

Aunty Katie and Aunty Bridgy (or should it be Bridgeeee?) came to stay. 
Love them lots.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

raglan holiday

Fun times at the seaside, even though the weather wasn't really playing ball.

We had a night with four kids and then a night with none (sleepovers all round).

Morning involved coffee for the parents and ice creams/blocks for the smaller folk.

It was lovely to get out of town for a couple of days with nice friends.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

can't have pav without cream

Hasn't everyone tried this once in their lives?  Whipped cream from a can, straight into your mouth.  
Daddy B, chef of the day, had a great time wielding the can.

 And because he is that awesome a dad, he didn't want to leave out #2 (who is seriously allergic to dairy). B put coconut whipped cream (vegan) into an icing bottle and piped it into the little birds open mouth.

If you want to make your own vegan whipped cream... whip up a tin of cold coconut cream with about 1T of icing sugar and you're done.  If you refrigerate the can and just scoop out the top creamy part it works perfectly for even the less creamy brands.  The one we use these days is a bit more expensive and seems to be all cream.  Yummy!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the amazing dinner - NZ

So week three and already we're slacking a little.  No interesting facts this week and I didn't even photograph the dinner!  I will admit that I was feeling quite woozy and not up for any cooking or photographing.  I had to make an exception for the gorgeous mini pavlovas that B whipped up to go with the lamb chops and oakhill potatoes (a favourite from my childhood that Nana would make for us).  He made the cheese sauce for the potatoes using soy milky and a vegan packet mix which was really pretty yummy.

It was fun watching the Amazing Race teams travelling through New Zealand.  They had to do a crazy obstacle course wearing stubbies and gumboots, collecting eggs as they went. They also had to fish for trout, go jet boating and do a speed driving test in a paddock.  No sheep shearing but a sheep dog did accompany them on the egg gathering course. The cream on top of my mini pav is coconut cream recipe here.  I have some funny cream photos to share later too, the computer crashed as it was uploading so they'll have to wait till another day.