Friday, November 15, 2013


Poor love had croup and an anaphylactic reaction in the school holidays.  Not much fun at all.  He accidentally ate big brother's weetbix which had cows milk on it.  We discovered that he's still extremely allergic to milk.  I had been secretly hoping that he might have outgrown it a bit now that he's almost eight.

He started off with a funny feeling mouth, then feeling sick, next a sore tummy and a strange feeling in his chest.  A few minutes later I noticed his face beginning to swell and we talked about the fact that if he became wheezy or began coughing, that we'd need to use the epipen.  Sure enough that was what happened next.  I got NanaD to call an ambulance and took R into our bedroom and laid him down.

Together we gripped the epipen and (after I got him to relax) jabbed it into his thigh.  Then I held him as we both cried (him loudly, me silently) and I told him how brave he was and how proud I was of him.  It's the first time I've done the epipen myself, except for the one I jabbed into the mattress while visiting the immunologist at Starship!  It was his first time doing it too.  B and I realised that after the terrifying reaction at Christmas time that he needs to learn to do it himself.  There will come a day when he'll be off with friends and will need to be able to look after himself. 

Once the adrenaline was working he felt so much better.  Still a bit scary when the ambulance guys rock up with a defibrillator and a special resuscitation guy!  Though the whole situation was so much calmer than what happened last summer.  This time the symptoms came on one after another and I knew what was needed.  Last time it was awful and we were confused and far from help.

We were even lucky enough to get a visit from the Clown Doctors while we were at Starship.  They were lovely and made us both laugh and laugh.  They're playing at being dinosaurs.


  1. Awful awful awful. So glad he was OK. So scary for him and you guys. x

  2. Grandpa2:26 PM

    A lovely boy has a very mature attitude to his milk allergy - let's hope that he doesn't have any more reactions and that maybe he might grow more tolerant or dairy sorts itself out. Whatever happened to natural milk that the dairy companies now seem to have over commercialised ?
    Talk / Skype before your lovely holiday - L & C Grandpa xxooxx

    1. You can get raw milk from farmers. I know a few friends who make the trip (or share with others) and buy it each week. It's supposed to be delicious and so much better for you! Sadly it wouldn't solve our issues or I'd be all for it! xox

  3. what a brave boy - so glad you were able to remedy and close to help :)

  4. Thanks for the link to your blog from the AllergyNZ fb page.

    So sorry to hear of this harrowing patch. All the best for some reaction-free time soon :)

    My husband is anaphylactic to dairy - has been since a newborn - so I have heard from my mother-in-law of the kind of thing you are experiencing. There's an enormous amount of anxiety in parenting an allergic child. Well done for the brilliant way you are doing it.

    Thalia KR


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