Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I had a couple of nice finds at a local (previously unsuccessful) opshop. This game is from the '70s. With that name and the wooden playing pieces (I'm a sucker for wooden game bits) how could I not bring home BUMerang?  I knew the boys would think it was funny and they did.  It was $2 and had all of the pieces.

I also picked up some cutie duraware picnic mugs and a wee yellow coffee canister.  Two dollars total.


  1. very retro-cute! x

  2. I love that shade of dura-ware! And you reminded me i have a set in avocado i stashed away somewhere ready for summer picnics i must hunt for...great to have you linking in Meg x

    1. Is that avocado then? It's all new to me. I just liked them because they reminded me of my Nana.

  3. Lovely pics of your boys playing Bumerang...tee hee.


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