Sunday, December 1, 2013

the amazing dinner - Germany/Switzerland

We're getting close to the end of this series of the Amazing Race.  Actually it finished in NZ this week (we've been away in Australia) but we haven't watched the final yet.  This dinner will be our last special one though, even though Ireland/Scotland would have been fun to do.  We're a bit knackered from a week in the heat of the Gold Coast.  So for our final dinner we had German and Swiss food.

 We ate Sauerkraut and listened to German music from youtube.

Tastier than I expected.  It's something I've been meaning to make forever (for the probiotic goodness) but never really got around to.  Since eating this canned version though we'll definitely give it a try sometime.  
Have you made it? Can you recommend a recipe?

 German coasters.  I was tempted to make soft pretzels (we have a great recipe here that we've made before) but in the end we didn't make/have the time.  Shame as they're delicious.

Interesting facts we came up with: Germans are the second largest beer consumers in the world (after Ireland), Chancellor Angela Merkel has a Barbie doll made after her, Gummy Bears were invented by a German, there are more than 300 different types of bread in Germany and even bread museums!

We ate the sauerkraut with crumbed schnitzel and rosti (a Swiss hash brown).  The rosti was a bit of a let down (probably should have fried it in lots of oil rather than tried to be healthy) but it was all edible.

 For dessert we made a filo apple strudel.  Recipe here at the Healthy Food Guide.

And of course some Swiss Chocolate!! 


  1. a Great dinner! some of those recipes sound delish :)

  2. Grandpa12:32 PM

    Your round the world dinners were a good idea - they all looked great and tasty.
    Looking forward too seeing you all soon
    L & C grandpa xxooxx


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