Tuesday, November 26, 2013

gold coast day 5

We had an awesome day of hydrosliding and swimming, followed by more rides at Dreamworld (right next door).  Tragically I wrecked my calf sprinting away from zombies (in the laser tag maze!).  They'd even just warned us not to run... obviously I didn't listen!  When you're faced with a group of people pointing laser guns at you of course you run!  B had to hire me a wheelchair and push me around for the last couple of hours.  It was pretty miserable really but I was so pleased that we'd done the water rides in the morning which had required a lot of stair climbing.

Kenny and Belinda spotted the boys as it was getting to closing time and snuggled up for a photo.


  1. Dreamworld is such fun!!
    Ouch about your calf! Hubby fell down some stairs on a ride when we went to Disneyland and twisted his ankle and I didn't even think to hire a wheelchair (nice wife I am! ha).

  2. Oh Disneyland would be amazing! We really hope to get there someday with the boys. I'm sure if your husband was limping and slowing you down too much you might have thought of it!


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