Saturday, February 1, 2014

wet hot beaches

  Performing in my togs in front of an audience... who would have thought it?  It really has been so much fun!

I took these pictures on Thursday night at our final rehearsal, so not everybody was wearing their hats or their regulation black swimsuit (any style you like but no bikinis).


This morning was our first performance and it went really well, even though we had to deal with a king tide hiding our sandy beach area.  

This is my bloggy friend Pippa and I this morning.  Last year I convinced her to sign up and then I had to drop out because we had a camping weekend booked in.  She stuck it out and was a beautiful swan in the Wet Hot Beauties Swan Song show.

We have four more shows to go.  Tomorrow at Pt Chev, Waitangi Day at Takapuna and next weekend at Mission Bay.  Please come along (and join up too if you like).


  1. Fabulous photos meg, it looks amazing! I hope to catch you at mission bay. Glad to hear the first performance went well in spite of the king tides xxx

    1. Actually the tides didn't cause too much of a problem really, except the ladies doing the human pyramid had to improvise!

  2. Whoohoo go you!

  3. mum and dad xx7:08 PM

    Looks like lovely fun :o))


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