Thursday, March 13, 2014

splore friday

Friday at Splore began for us with one of life's essentials...

Waking up early in the tent is always enhanced by a cup of hot coffee brewed outdoors.  Preferably by B who had just returned from the festival showers (a large truck full of the wonderful things).

After our weetbix we headed, with our lovely camp neighbours,  into the "Art of Camping". That is where the wonderful theme camps were.  Our youngest was particularly taken by Camp Mother and the Street Loves Nana.  They had huge street art embroidery for people to stitch and he insisted that we come back several times for him to do a little bit more.  Big brother was still on school camp at this point and didn't arrive until dinner time.

The theme camps are open to everyone and all involve some kind of interaction, there was a community clothes horse where you could exchange clothing/costumes and another which was giving away masks and beads at night (see our awesome masks below).  I think I'd love to be involved in a theme camp sometime.

Down at the rumpus room things were underway.

Michael and his stomper tree were just starting up.  He'd made this cool machine which cuts out hexagons from cardboard which can be then decorated and added to the tree over the weekend.  You can see the beanbag/baby/quiet area on the right.  It's just behind the rumpus room, a sweet space for hanging out, with a basket of books and preschool toys for the littlies.  

Clint was there making giant bubble wands with the kids too.  They got to try them out and take them home.

When our exhausted 9 year old finally arrived, we headed to buy some dinner in our new freebie feathered masks.  They were really fun to wear... I like being in disguise.

The main stage was starting to get busy as we headed to get something to eat.  The range of food caravans at Splore is excellent. This year they all had compostable plates and cutlery which was especially good.  I think the final figure was that 92% of the waste created at the festival was composted and recycled with only 8% having to go to landfill.  Pretty bloody impressive.

Friday night was a great time to check out the art trail.  There were heaps of wonderful installations to see.  This one had a tent made from photographic slides and an old school slide show with amusing commentary (the woman talking was off to the right).

The boys particularly enjoyed this balancing surf board...
and this tree which lit up when you hugged it, placing your hands on the metal pads completing a circuit.

Ah Splore we love you too.


  1. WOW it looks so different from when we were there only a few weeks earlier -- this is one of my favourite 'hidden' 'Auckland' parks . . . I think we may need to check out Splore

  2. Amazing and wonderful xx


so lovely to hear from you xx