Sunday, March 16, 2014

splore saturday

I went for a bit of a wander around on the Saturday morning.  
At twelve one of the highlights of Splore 2014... The Dastardly Bounder playing on the DJ stage.  Check out his watermelon bongos!

The afternoon was spent in the rumpus room with glitter hairspray, hair chalk and face painting.  Everyone getting ready for the Saturday night dress up festivities.  It was so vibrant and colourful.
We headed back to our campsite to get our (homemade/opshop) costumes on too.  

Sadly I left my old SLR camera down at the site and so had to use our wee waterproof one for these shots.  Thank goodness we had one though... I love this crazy photo of us all.  We went down for dinner and a bit of fun with the black light glow in the dark play dough and then B brought the kids back to the tent to sleep while the rest of us danced.  Once they were sleeping he left them under the care of a grandma babysitter (thanks Robyn!) and joined us for some fun times.  The Saturday night is so awesome with most people dressed up in some amazing costumes.  Another photo for our dressup photo wall.


  1. Love Love Love seeing Tapapakanga through Splore eyes! So different from our summer camping. And your costumes _gorgeous_ !! !! !!

    1. Thanks for all the comment love Cat. It is so different from when we camped there too (although it was with other Splore families so there was a bit of crazy dressups then too). It really is a gorgeous place.


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