Monday, March 10, 2014

splore wednesday and thursday

 We went early to set up so got to Splore long before the crowds.
 The ticket tents weren't even up and running yet,
 but there was already plenty of love to go around.

 We put up our tent in the crew area
and got to know the neighbours,

both human and insect.

The glamping area was very pretty, real linen and slippers provided! 

 This was where we worked... in the Rumpus Room.
 We spent the Thursday getting it all decorated and ready to go.
We were right near this amazing mirror sculpture.  It lit up at night too.
I realise that it's been almost a month since Splore but I'm finally getting the pictures sorted!


  1. I 'think' that last photo us taken near where we camp ... I've always wanted to go back and see 'my' space set up for splore ... It looks so pretty

    1. It really is so colourful and fun.

  2. One day, one day... one day we'll make it to Splore!

    1. Well it's on again in 2016 :o)

  3. Grandpa8:47 PM

    There was some great feedback late one night on the national programme, all very positive. Sounds and looks like a great event . The boys are very lucky that you take them along.
    L & C Grandpa


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