Thursday, April 10, 2014

things I'm loving...

Finding a whole heap of unblogged photos from earlier this year (click on them to see bigger).

This set of cups I found at the Riccarton markets for $5!  
I've been searching for some of these for a long time.  

They're my favourite for picnicking and for the back yard.  I'd love a second set if anyone sees one.

 The cute cards that the boys made recently, their drawings are so cool.

 This gorgeous photo reminding me of how sweet our boys are.

Our snowflake decorations that were hanging above the dining table... and that they remind me to say "yes" more often.  One of the boys asked me how to make paper snowflakes. My natural inclination was to give him a quick demo and get back to my chores, but I sat down and we spent a lovely time together making these.  The other brother joined in too and then we had to hang them.  So pretty.

 This magnetix heart I discovered on the coffee table.  I do feel so loved and I'm so grateful.


  1. Lovely collection of goodies :). Am completely envious of those cups!

  2. This made me smile so wide. All of it is wonderful. And beautiful. xx


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