Monday, October 28, 2013

ambury farm day

In early October Ambury Farm Park has an open day.  Nana and Poppa were in town and so we all headed there for a day out.  This blindfolded hay bale maze was good fun.  At the end the kids got a packet of beans/seeds for making it through alive.

 There were animals to pat, woodchopping to watch and rifles to shoot.

 The target was down a long tube.
 DaddyB and big brother had a go too.
I loved watching the boys try to saw a log together... it was quite a coordination effort.

The funniest thing though was the cow lotto.  I hadn't heard of it before...

Australian Slang
form of lottery in which a cow is placed in a pristine paddock which has been divided into numbered square metres, the winner being decided by where the first cow-pat falls
We all chose a spot and one of the boys was the winner!  He took home a set of Star Trek DVDs.  Unfortunately the prizes were M rated DVDs so not really for the kiddies.  However a good day was had by all.


  1. Bahahahaha loving cow lotto

  2. Love the Ambury farm open day. Digging the cow lotto too!


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