Thursday, May 15, 2014

kitchen things

 I picked up the camera on Tuesday night because the bacon and egg pies looked so cute in my new little tart tins. Despite the low light there was something I quite like about how the pictures turned out.

 I discovered today that they're a perfect fit in the boys' tupperware lunch boxes... so maybe when I'm being super mum sometime they might be lucky enough to get an alternative to their sandwiches (which they make themselves every morning, usually honey or marmite so not too exciting).

The sourdough was also quite good looking with it's crunchy semolina covering.

I had almonds soaking to blend up for milk in the morning (recipe and method here).

And my lovely blog friend Pippa (wet hot beauty) gave me one of her babies when I went over to sew on Tuesday!  Her kombucha babies that is.  It's called a scoby and you use it to make a super-good-for-you probiotic drink which is actually quite tasty.  So our first brew is underway.  Do you make kombucha? Any tips are welcome.

Oh and can't forget the bloody ants!  We think they've set up a colony in the walls.  Any anti-ant tips are welcome too... we're wondering if we need to call someone to fumigate.  They're eating heaps of the poison but keep coming back for more.


  1. Wow these look absolutely divine. Ok, apart from the ants.

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I've found that the ants tell their friends about the poison and then they all come out of the woodwork so it looks like you have millions. BUT, if you keep replacing the poison or adding more, then eventually they will stop coming (can take up to a week). A pain, but worth it.


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