Sunday, July 13, 2014


A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014

8 - Both boys loved having little cousin Samuel here for the week.  This guy couldn't keep from hugging and cuddling him constantly... bubs didn't much like it after a while.
10 - Big brother is smiling as Sammy comes in for a smooch. He is LOVING the nintendo DS that he bought with his savings and birthday money.  I love gaming time.  He gets a limited time on it each day during the holidays and little brother and I have been playing Zelda on the Wii U.


  1. Grandpa10:48 PM

    It seems a long time ago that the boys were Samuels size, lovely that they have had some good time together.
    Looking forward to visting soon L & c Grandpa xxooxx

  2. Aunty Anna2:44 PM

    I love the bottom lip on Sammy in photo one. Thanks for the great week at yours. We all loved it xox

  3. Nana & poppa10:27 AM

    Love them all, great pictures. Looking forward to seeing them all in 3 or 4 weeks


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