Tuesday, July 29, 2014

MOTAT in the july school holidays

Motat is fun any time of year (especially at Halloween) and we head there most school holidays when we have a yearly pass.  These holidays our plans to visit the zoo were thwarted by gorgeous sunshine and mass crowds, so we ended up at Motat instead.  The boys and I had a fun day doing activities related to flight.

The boys made parachute men and strawkets.

Took a trip on a wee train/fire engine thing.

This part was really fun.  They constructed things from paper plates, cups and serviettes and then put them in a wind tunnel to see how they worked.  They could then add to or change their contraptions to improve them.  Some of the "drop copters" also went for a fly.

The boys had passports that they got stamped at the different stations.

Along with the holiday activities, the science roadshow was in town.  There was a lot to see including this man demonstrating the powers of liquid nitrogen (the balloon is about to pop). It's science term at school now and so hopefully they've gone back a little inspired... you never know.

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  1. Nana & poppa3:27 PM

    Looks like a fun day out. Love the animation in the photos.


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