Saturday, November 30, 2013

gold coast - day 8

We checked out and ate breakfast at the (dairy free) "clean eating" place over the road.  I do think that calling this whole diet style "clean" implies that all other food is dirty which isn't really my cup of tea.  The food was delicious though, and you do feel quite virtuous eating it.

I have since read that the restaurant has closed down as it wasn't doing too well, except for perhaps in it's target demographic of lycra clad diet/exercise obsessed young Gold Coast women.  It's a shame as we all quite liked the food.

We bought some treats to go and headed into Brisbane to see the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art before catching our flight home.  It really is a very cool place, I'd love to go back there.

  They had a wonderful kids exhibition on with lots of interactive things to do.

Then it was time to navigate the rental car back to the airport and head home.  We made a silly mistake of letting the boys have a coke zero (long story involving duty free bourbon and excess coke) and the youngest spun out big time.  I had to resort to getting him to count and recount floor tiles at the airport just so I could fill out the departure cards in peace.  

When we got back to Auckland at 1130pm we had all of our bags x-rayed and fully searched by the customs guys.  Despite them reassuring us that it was just standard procedure, it definitely wasn't.  One of the guys actually said "you're the 12th family we've had through today at $700 each", which made us suspect they were looking for a family smuggling something in.

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  1. Cripes the custom search sounds dodgy! Not ideal and definitely not that late at night! Looks liek a lovely day though :) and clean eating... I'd never thought of dirty but yes... it is probably why my back gets a bit "up" when I hear it ;)


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