Saturday, November 1, 2014

dinner games

What cool things does your family do at dinner time?  I wanted to share another couple of good ideas that I (probably) got from The Family Dinner book.  I did a post last month about it and some of the games we'd been playing at the table,

The first is our set of Story Cubes that we've had for ages but hardly used.  I found a wee bowl for them and set them on the dinner table.

Now sometimes we make up stories which each person continues by rolling a die and adding a sentence or two.

The other thing we're loving is a great set of table topics which you can print out for yourself.   These lovely conversation starters are free to download here.

I printed them out at the shop and laminated them before cutting them out.  I'm giving our printer away, the ink runs out so quick and always seems to need replacing.

They're very much family based and would be a perfect inexpensive and thoughtful Christmas gift for someone.  You could put them in a large jar or container.  The files even contain labels to make it look really fancy.

When we first used them the kids got really excited and wanted to go through them all!


  1. Oh I love this! And such a great gift idea too! thanks for sharing Meg!

    1. You are most welcome. Hope you make some and enjoy them.

  2. I LOVE both these ideas! (But especially those conversation starters) xx

    1. I know I showed them to you months ago but only just got around to blogging them :)


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