Sunday, November 9, 2014

happy birthday to me

 On the Sunday before my birthday, after breakfast in bed, we went out for cake at a local cafe.

 Cake, fresh juice and a game or two... some of my favourite things.

A Game of Thrones game in fact.  It'll be many years until the boys get to read or watch GOT but they've enjoyed playing this quick and easy game with us.  They now recognise many of the characters and seem to think that Jamie Lannister must be a goodie.  Must be because he's so good looking!  We haven't put them right.


  1. Happy Birthday to You!!

  2. Happy Birthday. That looks like a great way to spend it.

    A friend of mine has let her 10 yr son read Game of Thrones on the basis that most of the adult stuff would go over his head. It turns out she was right. The sword play and battles appeal greatly.

    1. That might be an idea! He's reading LOTR at the moment and has the whole Inheritance Cycle to come at Christmas (yay Red Cross shop!)


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