Tuesday, October 20, 2015


September was a bit of a mixed up month.  We had one boy down with the flu for almost a whole week.  Once he started coughing I quarantined him to his bedroom for days, where he slept, read, listened to the radio and hung out with the cat.  I felt a bit mean but miraculously the rest of us were spared from the bugs... thank goodness. Eventually he came right and I got to leave the house again.
Online shopping seriously saved my life, I got quite miserable despite having a full fridge.
I spied this new look NZ flag flying proudly the day after they announced the top four.

It was so good to be outside again (and not sick) that I made a special effort to pretend I was ten (and not almost forty) and say YES to the kids requests of climbing up high with them and having flying fox races.